Who we are

Our mission is to make AML compliance easier and more accessible to all. By offering a whole new revolutionary approach that combines the smartest technologies with legal expertise, we’re able to deliver groundbreaking solutions that enable companies to meet all their AML obligations – affordably and with significantly less sweat, tears, and friction.

How we started

By the end of 2017 there was high demand for assistance with regulatory compliance. New legal obligations meant to prevent money laundering were being created, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. Kerberos was founded that year as an independent service provider whose purpose is to make high-end AML services accessible, cost-effective, and scalable to the wider market of non-financial service companies large and small. We are well acquainted with the complexities of delivering a premium AML solution that works in the real world. Working closely with our clients as their outsourced compliance officer, we help them navigate the complex and ever-changing legal obligations of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

By 2018, our company had quickly grown to more than 25 specialists in the fields of law, IT, data analysis, and regulatory compliance. Today, over 1.000 point-of-sales as well as hundreds of companies from Germany and abroad rely on our services.

Our team

We’re a passionate team of lawyers, compliance managers, operations specialists, analysts, and IT data scientists who all have one thing in common: a desire to protect and serve each of our clients. We are resilient. Streetwise. Empathetic. And driven by a sense of duty to help businesses stay on the right side of the law.

Managing Director

Christian Tsambikakis
Managing Director

Office Management Team

Susanna Daniels
Senior Office Manager
Katja Minarik-Haupt
Office Manager
Cansu Uflaz
Front Office Manager

Legal Team

Dr. Jochen Möller
Director Legal & Compliance
Lena Olschewski
Compliance Manager
Senyüz kus
Compliance Manager
Sonja Puschkeit
Compliance Manager
Nikias Roth
Compliance Manager
Felix Nitsch
Compliance Manager
Theodora Dalamitrou
Compliance Manager
Felix Winkel
Legal Assistant
Lukas Roggendorf
Legal Assistant
Johanna Meyer
Legal Assistant
Benedikt Schmitz
Legal Assistant
Kara-Madeleine Anders
Legal Assistant
Jana Heine
Legal Assistant
Gerhard Helle
Senior Compliance Consultant
Franziska Boetzkes
Legal Administrator

Compliance & Information Security

Sven Fus
Senior Compliance Manager

Partnership Management Team

Yama Etminan
Head of Partnership Management
Bilgin Kilic
Partnership Manager
Alica Simon
Partnership Management Coordinator
Joscha Wermeling
Partnership Management Assistant
Julian Chahal
Partnership Management Assistant

Analytics Team

Christopher Trippe
Head of Integrity & Intelligence
Poseidonas Pampoukidis
Research Analyst
Erik Robert
Research Analyst
Yasemin Lütkenhöner
Research Analyst

IT Team

Jutta Ahl
Head of IT
Carsten Demming
Software Developer
Hamid Mirpenhan
Project Management & IT Support
Marco Campione
Data Entry Specialist

Operations Team

Jan Basters
Head of Compliance Operations
Tanja Wolf
Project Assistant


Our shareholders are recognized experts in law, regulatory affairs, politics, digital innovation, business development, and compliance. They bring decades of real-world experience to KERBEROS…and more importantly, to our clients.

Sven Rawe
Dr. Günter Schmid
Prof. Dr. Michael Tsambikakis
Dieter Pawlik
Dr. Marc Winstel